Management Team

Michelle Owhadi MPH - Administrative Director 
Michelle Owhadi began working for California Psychological Institute in 2003. She obtained a Graduate Degree from California State University, Fresno in Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. She completed an internship at Children’s Hospital Central California with a focus on hospital policy and regulatory compliance.  In her work at CPI she has expanded the team and increased the number of services provided to Fresno County to twice the amount from which they started. She sits on the board for the Fresno Association of Mental Health Contractors. As Administrative Director for CPI, Michelle oversees contracts with Fresno County as well as manages staff. She believes in strong collaboration between agencies and team members and participates in many committees and monthly collaborations. 

Julie Torok-Mangasarian, LMFT, RPT-S - Clinical Director
Julie Torok-Mangasarian is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the Clinical Director of the California Psychological Institute in Fresno, CA. Julie is a Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor, infant mental health specialist, reflective practice mentor and certified educator of infant massage (CEIM). Julie specializes in the use of play to treat complex and developmental trauma in young children. 

Cristina Rodriguez B.A. - Program Manager 
Cristina has been a member of the CPI Team since November of 2006. Cristina began her career with CPI as a front office support staff member. Cristina’s many years of experience as a supervisor in previous positions and her wealth of knowledge regarding the systematic procedures of CPI have led to her promotion to the position of Office Manager; this was subsequently followed by her current position as Program Director at CPI. Cristina is also CPI’s Continuing Education Coordinator. As the Continuing Education Coordinator, Cristina has organized multiple training's for CPI staff, as well as training's available for the community.  Cristina attended California State University, Fresno in 2003 and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology in 2007. Cristina has attended training in Excel as well as some management seminars to enhance her skills as a management team member for CPI. 

Angela Boardman LMFT - Clinical Supervisor 
Angela Boardman is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, receiving her Master of Science degree from Fresno State.  Angela’s career has been dedicated to working primarily with children in the public mental health arena. Her work focuses on helping children and families who have experienced trauma and attachment disruption.  She enjoys working with families, infants, children and adolescents to help improve secure parent-child relationships using attachment-focused, strength-based interventions. She has specialized training in Early Childhood Mental Health and relationship-based therapy models of Theraplay and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.  The impact of healthy attachment on the neurological trauma response is also the focus of her published research article in the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation. Angela also conducts Attachment, Bonding, and Sibling Studies for the courts and believes in an inclusive, collaborative approach to treatment. She aspires to help children and families create healing attachments and generational change by using relationship-based trauma-informed practice.

Brooke Pfister, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor
Brooke Pfister is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor at the California Psychological Institute. Brooke has been a member of the CPI staff since 2003. Brooke first began her career at CPI as a case manager and is now a licensed clinician. Prior to her work at CPI, Brooke attended California State University, Fresno and graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy. Brooke has participated in training with Anthony Mannarino on Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Deborah Gray on Nurturing Attachments: Working with Complex and Complicated Children.

Kathleen Romeiro, LCSW - Clinical Supervisor
Kathleen Romeiro, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of experience working with children and families, specializing in crisis intervention and working with children 0-5.  She is endorsed as an Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist. In addition to providing direct therapy services, she is a clinical supervisor, the Infant Mental Health Coordinator, facilitates reflective practice, and conducts Bonding, Attachment and Sibling Studies for the Courts.

Tara Peterson, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor 
Tara Peterson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor at California Psychological Institute. Tara received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Fresno in 2012. Tara has been working with children and families impacted by the Child Welfare System for over 10 years and has been part of the CPI team for the past 7 years. Tara uses an attachment approach to build connections and relationships with clients and families to address the mental health needs of her clients. Tara has specialized training in Infant Mental Health, Child Parent Psychotherapy, Theraplay among other therapeutic modalities to meet the needs of the client and family. 

Adrianna Ramirez, LMFT - CCC Manager
Adriana Ramirez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been a part of California Psychological Institute's team since 2017. Adriana has experience in working with infants, children, families, and individual adults.  She also has training and experience in working with adults in crisis and adults with complex co-occurring medical needs and severe mental illness.  She has completed training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is extensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and is currently completing training in Child Parent Psychotherapy. Utilizing an attachment focused lens Adriana aspires to promote healing to children and families whom have experienced trauma and advocate for the support they deserve ensuring that regardless of a family's culture, ethnicity or primary language, they will leave with the confidence to heal, gain an understating of themselves, and have the motivation to focus on healing to end generational trauma. 

Adriana Ramírez es una terapeuta licenciada en matrimonio y familia y ha sido parte del equipo de California Psychological Institute desde 2017. Adriana tiene experiencia trabajando con bebés, niños, familias y adultos individuales. También tiene capacitación y experiencia en el trabajo con adultos en crisis y adultos con necesidades médicas complejas y enfermedades mentales graves. Ha completado entrenamiento en terapia cognitivo-conductual enfocada en el trauma, capacitación en desensibilización y reprocesamiento del movimiento ocular está ampliamente capacitada en terapia dialéctica de la conducta y actualmente está completando psicoterapia infantil para padres. Utilizando una lente enfocada en el apego, Adriana aspira a promover el sanamiento de los niños y las familias que han vivido un trauma y tener el apoyo que merecen, asegurando que, independientemente de la cultura, el origen étnico o el idioma principal de una familia, salgan con la confianza para sanar y obtener una comprensión ellos mismos y tener la motivación para enfocar en el sanamiento para acabar con el trauma generacional.