Audio and Video Resources

Video Resources

After the Storm – resolving Post-Separation Conflict: A Program for Sensitizing Parents and Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills – By – Arbuthnot & Gordon.

Amazing Talents of the Newborn: A video journey that explores the abilities and sensitivities of the newborn in the first minutes, hours and days of life – By – Johnson & Johnson

Burnout & Renewal – codependence, Anti-dependence & interdependence. By—Jeff cotton Training Programs

Captive in the Classroom—Part 1 & 2 Identifying, Understanding, and Intervening with Potentially Violent and Aggressive Children in the Classroom – By – Stop America’s Violent Youth (2 part video)

Circle of Support for RAD for Reactive Attachment Disorder – By – Nancy Thomas.

Enhancing Attachment through parenting—1&2 –By- Greg Kick (2 part video)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Life Sentence By – Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Finding Forever Families; Making the Case for Child-Specific Recruitment – By – Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (2 part video)

Give me a Break – Part 1& 2 –By- Nancy Thomas (2 sets)

Help Build the Trust & I am your child (2 programs on this tape)

Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships:

  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; The Single Most Important Ingredient in Building a Loving Relationship – By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 1)
  • Hidden Keep to Loving Relationships—The Gary Smalley Series4 Essential Elements Every Relationship Needs Daily to Succeed and Grow – By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 2)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; Overcoming the Major Destroyer of Relationships By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 3)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; The Communication Method That Increases Intimacy and Understanding – By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 4)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; How to Become Best Friends with Your Mate and Family and How to Become Free From the Negative Emotions of Anger, Hurt Feelings, Loneliness, Worry and Fear – by – Gary Smalley (Tape# 5)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; Discovering Your Personality Type and the Types of Your Family and Friends – By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 6)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; Recognizing & Transforming Unhealthy Relationships By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 7)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; Using Effective Communication to Move Into The Deepest Levels of Intimacy – By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 8)
  • Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships; Transforming Trials and Hurts into Life-Changing Benefits By – Gary Smalley (Tape# 9)

Holding-Attachment Therapy – Dr. Greg Kick- Labeled ”Therapists”

MTV Networks—My Family is different 2—I’m Adopted

Multiple Transitions: A Young Childs point of view on Foster Care & Adoption-By Michael Trout

A Young Child’s Point of View on Foster Care and Adoption – By – Michael Trout

Our Fight: Parents tell it like it is.

Parent 2 Parent—A mentoring Program—By: Richard Delaney

Pathways to Permanence –By Dave Thomas Foundation

Rebuilding the Broken Bond—1&2: With Powerful Parenting Tools that Rejoin the Heart to Heart Connection. By – Nancy Thomas (Part 1- 2 video)

The Adoption & Safe Families Act of 1997:

  • The Adoption & Safe Families Act of 1997: Creative Strategies for Permanency – By – Dave Thomas (Tape# 1)
  • The Adoption & Safe Families Act of 1997: Fast Track to Permanency – By – Dave Thomas (Tape# 2)
  • The Adoption & Safe Families Act of 1997: How Judges Can Make It Happen – By – Dave Thomas (Tape# 3)
  • The Adoption & Safe Families Act of 1997: The Essential Voice of Child Advocates – By – Dave Thomas (Tape# 4)
  • The Adoption & Safe Families Act of 1997: Why Legislators Must Make It Happen – By – Dave Thomas (Tape# 5)

The First Years Last Forever: The New Brain Research and Your Child’s Healthy Development By – I Am Your Child “Booklet included”

The Healing Power of Love: Episode VIII – The Mission Impossible Series with Master Teacher Through The Eyes of the Child – By – Dave Thomas

Voices of Strength—Inside look at Children’s Mental Health—1&2 – By – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Part 1- 2 video set)

Wasn’t Parenting Supposed to be Fun? -1 & 2 By- Gary & Denise Flanders By – (Part 1/ 2 video)

Without Pity DD By – Mierendorf Productions, Inc.

Worth the Trip

Audio Books (Cassettes)

Bonding and Attachment – By – Deborah Hage, M.S.W. (Tape# 1B)

Bonding and Attachment: What is it? How Does It Affect Behavior? – By – Deborah Hage, M.S.W.

Bonding and Attachment: Effectively Using Consequences – By – Deborah Hage, M.S.W.

Four Steps to Responsibility – By- Jim Fay Techniques to Lead Children to Responsible Decision Making (side 1 & 2 to this cassette tape)What is Love and Logic?

Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants- By- Jim Fay. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes and logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices.

Audio Books (CD)

Amazon Rainforest (CD)

Dr. Seuss Presents: The Cat in the Hat Songbook, If I Ran the Zoo/Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book (20 tunes on this CD)

Ethics 6: Chronic Medical Illnesses; Overview/Decision Making and Informed Consent/Adolescents. By – Tonya Manselle and Peter Wolf (2 CD set)

From Fear to Love: Parenting Difficult Adopted Children – By – Dr. Bryan Post, Ph.D., LCSW (2 CD set)

Lullaby & Goodnight—“Disney”

Up Close and Personal – By – Dr. Bryan Post (CD)