Client Care Coordinator

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Job Title: Client Care Coordinator (CCC)
Department: Mental Health Services
Reports to: Clinical Supervisor

Basic Function:
Perform tasks including linkage, referral, crisis management, rehabilitation and follow-up. Provide goal-oriented services that assist clients and their families by locating, coordinating, and monitoring necessary care and services; ensuring that they are appropriate and accessible. Work with clients and their families within the office, school, and at home. Provide services within scope of practice, understanding that CCC services are valuable and act as an adjunct to therapy.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to execute each essential duty satisfactorily:
• Maintain an active caseload, providing interventions as needed within area of expertise and limits of credentials; assure procurement of additional services as needed.
• Maintain appropriate Releases of Information Forms.
• Regular contact with the assigned treatment team to keep updated on the current plan for each client.
• Family contact after assessment to gather any potential information that may be helpful. This may involve multiple contacts to care providers, daycare, bio parents or group homes.
• Establish a relationship with the school. If necessary, reach out to the teacher, psychologist, nurse, principal, etc. Record teacher’s name, school and contact information in chart.
• Assure that services provided are specified to the treatment plan (CCP) and monitor progress toward treatment goals with screening tools and questionnaires as needed.
• Consult and assist with community systems to facilitate linkage, referral, crisis management, advocacy, and follow up with focus on attaining treatment goals.
• Provide crisis management for clients as needed
• Complete and submit progress notes with 48 hours of client contact.
• Maintain a high level of ethical conduct regarding client confidentiality in accordance to HIPAA and privacy laws including confidentiality, dual-relationships, and professional stature.
• Maintain client and clinic records in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and company standards.
• Participate in continuing educative activities and remain knowledgeable in areas of expertise. Attend meetings with supervisor on a regular basis to exchange pertinent information and receive supervision.

To meet the client in the best place for the family and provide linkage and support as directed and overseen by the treating clinician or supervisor.
Reoccurring expectations:
• The CCC is expected to be up to date with the case plan, the client’s placement, current barriers and successes.
• The CCC will keep track of all referrals, treating providers and agencies.
• The CCC will follow up with care providers and individuals after a no-show appointment.
• Provide skills building, training and supportive services as needed.
• Follow up after an emergency. Contact hospital, crisis center and or family.
• Attend and be prepared to attend any and all meetings in place of the clinician.
• In person, services should not be provided on the same day as the clinician provides them, unless agreed upon in advance.
• Provide collateral visits if/when possible.
• Provide interventions per clinician’s recommendations.
• Work with and educate teachers to advocate for client’s needs in the classroom, playground, etc.
• Link clients to helpful resources and follow up to make sure linkage was successful.
• Obtain all archived records from schools and previous providers as needed.
• Maintain a pro-work, positive attitude and flexible approach to client care.
• Follow direction given by the treating clinician and clinical supervisor.
• Other assigned duties or programs as developed by CPI

Bachelors degree from a 4 year university in psychology, social work, or approved related field.